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Introduction to Tajweed And what Quran Online Academy offers:

Welcome to Kanzol Quran Online Academy, your trusted source for excellent online Quranic education. Our priority is to provide you with expert male and female Quran tutors. As we start our journey to improve our recitation and understanding of the Quran, it is not easy to understand the mistakes in Tajweed. As we look upon the tajweed of the Quran, we see that it is the method for reciting the Quran. We properly read the Quran verses, which show the Holy Quran’s message. In this post, we’ll explore some of the common mistakes in Tajweed and how Kanzol Quran Online Academy can help you perfect your recitation.

Tajweed and the Basic Roots of Tajweed:

We know this as the science of Quranic recitation, an important discipline in the lives of Muslims worldwide. It serves as the foundation for the Holy Quran’s dignity and conveys its divine message beautifully. We know that every book has a rule, and the holy book also has rules to read. Tajweed is a rule for reading the Quran; in Tajweed, we properly read the holy Quran.

  1. Reading Arabic letters: One of the most common mistakes in Tajweed is incorrectly reading Arabic letters. Each letter in the Quran has its unique point and characteristics, and any incorrect context can change the meaning of the words. At Kanzol Quran Online Academy, our expert tutors offer personalized guidance to ensure you master the correct pronunciation of every letter and minimize this standard error.

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2. Inaccurate Makharij (Articulation Points): Another major mistake in Tajweed is improperly articulating letters from their specific points of origin. Precise knowledge of the Makharij is essential for accurate recitation. Our male and female Quran tutors at Kanzol Quran Online Academy emphasize the correct tongue, lips, and throat placement to help you improve your articulation.

  1. Lack of Proper Ghunnah (Nasal Sound): Ghunnah, the nasal sound, is a fundamental element of Tajweed. Its absence or misapplication can lead to significant errors in recitation. Our dedicated instructors will teach you how to produce the Ghunnah correctly, ensuring your Quranic recitation follows Tajweed rules.
  2. Incorrect Lengthening (Madd): Madd refers to the elongation of certain letters in specific positions. Failing to apply the rules of Madd correctly can disrupt the rhythm and melody of your recitation. Our Kanzol Quran Online Academy tutors provide step-by-step guidance to help you master Madd and achieve a beautiful and melodious Quranic recitation.


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  1. Understanding the Rules of Stops and Pauses (Waqf and Ibtidaa): When we try to read the holy Quran according to the proper rules of pausing and stopping in the Quranic text, we can do this by focusing on tajweed. Ignoring these rules can alter the intended meaning of verses. Our teachers will help you understand when and how to break correctly. They ensure that you are no longer making mistakes and that your tajweed is ready.

Our final thoughts

You can avoid these major mistakes in Tajweed. The holy Quran is our divine book, and one should try to read it perfectly. Looking at the facts, you can see that it is essential for anyone trying to recite the Quran beautifully. At Kanzol Quran Online Academy, we are trying to provide you with the guidance and expertise you need to excel in your Quranic journey. Our male and female Quran tutors are dedicated to helping you perfect your recitation, ensuring you preserve the Holy Quran’s sanctity. Join Kanzol Quran Online Academy today and embark on a transformative Quranic learning experience. Together, we’ll bring the beauty and precision of Tajweed into your recitation, deepening your connection with the Quran.

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