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The Kanzol Quran Online Academy is one of the best places to take online Quran classes with male and female Quranic teachers. We want to make learning the Quran simple and easy for everyone. We are committed to giving our students advanced knowledge and tools (like Skype Quran classes and more) to help them become responsible Muslims who can positively change the world; we have made several different eBooks.

Here are all the PDF files you have to read 

Daily importance duasLast 10 surah in the quranBasic Rules of TajweedRules of Tajweed Advance40 Hadith in english40 short hadith pdfNamaz e JanazaDua Dunoot & MoreNamaz Lesson6th kalma Arabic6th Kalma in EnglishEnglish Quran translationMadani QaidaRahmani QaidaNoorani Qaida pdfAl Noor QaidaQuran Para-01Quran Para-02Quran Para-3Quran Para-04Quran Para-05Quran Para-06Quran Para-07Quran Para-08Quran Para-09Quran Para-10Quran Para-11Quran Para-12Quran Para-13Quran Para-14Quran Para-15Quran Para-16Quran Para-17Quran Para-18Quran Para-19Quran Para-20Quran Para-21Quran Para-22Quran Para-23Quran Para-24Quran Para-25Quran Para-26Quran Para-27Quran Para-28Quran Para-29Quran Para-30