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The Quran, the sacred book of Islam for Muslims worldwide, carries great significance. Since the times of scholars, many curious people have debated its length and how long is the Quran, and the question is whether the Holy Scripture is genuinely long. This article will consider some aspects of the Quran, i.e., its length, structure, and importance.

What is the Quran?

how long is the Quran

The Quran (also commonly referred to as the Holy Quran or the Noble Quran) is considered by Muslims to be the eternal word of God that the Prophet Muhammad received over roughly 23 years. It is the book for all matters, including belief, ethics, law, and directions for self-performance.

Length of the Quran:

The Quran comprises chapters, referred to as surah, and verses called ayah. The number of verses in the Quran determines how long it is. There are 114 surahs of different lengths or 6,236 verses, but the exact number is sometimes different due to how they are counted. Even you should know about the Practical Tips To Learn & Read Quran During Ramadan 2024

Structure of the Quran

how long is the Quran


The Quran comprises 114 surahs, each different in length and the principles of faith and life. Surahs commonly vary from only a few verses to several pages long. The longest surah is Surah Al-Baqarah, which has 286 verses, while the shortest surah is Surah Al-Kawthar, which has only three verses.

Verses (Ayahs): 

Along with it, each surah is divided into verses called ayahs. It is from these verses that the Quranic book is derived, and the specific messages and teachings are indicated. In the Quran, the length of verses can vary considerably. Some verses are only two or three words long, whereas others can extend over multiple lines.


To help with straightforward recitation and memorizing, the Quran is also posted in smaller portions. The most commonly used divisions are: The most widely used divisions are:

Juz’: The Quran is a 30-sectioned book called Juz’ in Arabic, referred to as Surah (Chapter). The Juz’ is designed so that each contains the same part of the Holy Quran, which provides a handy book to recite and study the Quran for a month.

Hizb: The juz’ into two Hizb parts has made daily recitations and memorization for each student very easy by this method.


After the query of how long the Quran has been, most people ask that what sets the Quran apart is its diverse and rich theology, practical behavior codes, legal frameworks, and stories about prophets and civilizations, among its subject matters. Every surah must be one of the parts constructing the main idea of the Quran that reiterates the key principles of Islam and punctilious living.

Importance of Understanding Quranic Length 

how long is the Quran

Understanding how long is the Quran and the structure of the Quran holds significance for several reasons: 

Comprehension: Knowing the levels and divisions of the Quran enables us to follow its logic and harmonize its order. It brings order to the text, allowing the reader to navigate through the chapters and verses more proficiently, which gives the believer a better grasp of the faith it conveys.

Recitation: Memorizing the Quran is one of the most important rituals for Muslim people, especially during five compulsory prayers and other special grand occasions. Understanding the length of the Quran is a stepping stone for individuals to be explicit and plan the time of their recitation evenly. Also, this helps establish realistic goals for memorization and study.

Scholarly Study: Islamic scholars and students often prioritize thorough reading and research of the Quran. Knowing the Bible’s length and structure is vital for assembling research, referencing specific verses, and understanding its intricate particulars and interpretation.

Languages of the Quran

The Quran originated in classical Arabic; however, translations to various languages made its message available to the people of the whole world. Still, the original Arabic is the divine revelation in the Islamic language.

Memorization of the Quran

Much of our country’s Muslim population will learn the entire Quran by heart, which is called “Hifz.” Thus, reciting the Quran out loud facilitates memory retention, and individuals are always equipped to carry the wisdom of the Quran wherever life may lead them.

Recitation of the Quran

For Muslims, reciting the Quran is a form of worship; some basic rules are laid down about pronunciation, stress on accents, and rhythm. The harmonious reading of the Quran, tajweed, transforms the encounter with the Divine into something spiritually uplifting.

Teachings and Themes about how long the Quran is:

The Quran has been revealed to contain all dimensions of life, including the points of monotheism, prophethood, akhlaq, social justice, and the afterlife. It generally conveys both spiritual guidance and the practical application of the doctrine that transforms one’s life into a righteous one.


The Quran, the holy book that Muslims consider, plays a vital role in the lives of many Muslim individuals across the globe. It demonstrates the depth and width of the message and shows us the nature of Allah and our duties in this lifetime. So many people’s queries are answered in this article about how long the Quran has been around. It is necessary to know the structure and arrangement of the Quran to understand its meanings; besides reciting and submitting it, scholars can study it. The length of the work of the Quran makes it possible for us to comprehend its depth of wisdom and guidance for all people.

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